Low Level Aerial Photography
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near Gau Island in Fiji's Lomaiviti archipelago


Gau Island in Fiji's Lomaiviti archipelago


Somewhere in the Tuamotu Group,  French Polynesia


Toua Atoll, part of the Palliser Islands, Tuamotu Group,  French Polynesia


Fakarava Atoll, French Polynesia


Marquesas, French Polynesia


Ngunguru Misty Morn , New Zealand (click 4 video)


Middle and North Gables, Tutukaka, New Zealand (click 4 video)


Southern Fiordland, New Zealand (click 4 video)


Dolphin Dream, Bahamas (click 4 video)


Campbells Bay School, Castor Bay, New Zealand (click 4 video)


Old Coach Road, Tutukaka Coast, New Zealand (click 4 video)


Volivoli, Rakiraki, Fiji (click 4 video)


Ngunguru river & estuary, Tutukaka Coast , New Zealand


Bushveld, Southern Africa (click 4 video)



Poor Knights Islands, NZ; Summer 2013/14

The Poor Knights Islands: starry toado baitballs. Music by Steve Moase  (click 4 video)


Nigali Passage, Taveuni, Namenalala & Bligh Water Fiji (click 4 video)


Rowing Highlights, Lake Pupuke, New Zealand (click 4 video)


Vatu, Nigali Passage & Mt Mutiny, Fiji (click 4 video)


Lake Weyba Wetland Area, Queensland,Oz (click 4 video)


Swanning Around: black swan behaviour, NZ (click 4 video)


Flying immersed: immersion test in a small picturesque lake, NZ (click 4 video)


A splash in the fan: stunning coastal Otago scenery, NZ (click 4 video)


Aerial panoramic, Northland, New Zealand (click 4 video)

_DSC2335.JPG _DSC2618_1.JPG 12_Nzld_003.JPG 12_Nzld_004.JPG 12_Nzld_006.JPG
12_Nzld_007.JPG 12_Nzld_008.JPG 12_Nzld_010.JPG 12_Nzld_025.JPG 12_Nzld_139.JPG
12_Nzld_140.JPG 12_Nzld_141.JPG 12_Nzld_238.JPG 30_LLAP__aMRT_Y6_2.JPG 30_LLAP__aMRT_Y6_4.JPG
CorpRowing_12_45 _22.JPG G0020536_1_1.JPG G0020545_1_1.JPG G0020848_1_1.JPG LLAP_0438_1.JPG


Goat Island Marine Reserve, Leigh, NZ [early work with mechanical gimbal]

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